Servers & Storage Solutions

64 Network Security tied up with industry leading Server and storage vendors which can perform not only mission critical applications but also give ease of management in maintaining the infrastructure..

  • Directly Attached Storage (DAS): A hard drive which is directly connected to the computer is a direct-attached storage.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS):Hard disk storage that has its own network address is called a Network-attached storage (NAS). Server Application and storage has to be separated so as to get faster in service because they will not be competing for the same processor resource. NAS device is connected to a local area network (typically, an Ethernet network) and assigned an IP address.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN): A high-speed network (or subnetwork) that connects different kinds of data storage devices allied with data servers on behalf of a larger network of users is storage area network (SAN). SAN network is environment of the overall network of computing resources for an enterprise. A storage area network is usually bunched in close proximity to other computing resources.


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