Safetica protects you from expensive data leaks and unnecessary personnel costs. It protect your business from such a range of human mistakes and malicious actions. Safetica is the only software which can save you time and money through its early detection of dangerous internal activities. With Safetica you get a full-fledged security solution with fast and easy deployment.


  • Monitor activity to reduce personnel expenses.
  • Track sensitive files internally to prevent data breaches.
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Manage printer and internet costs
  • Oversee daily workflow and productivity
  • Identify key performers and efficient work habits.
  • Enforce compliance with company IT guidelines
  • Profit from Insight's fast installation

Technical Details:

Data Leakage Prevention:

  • All hard drives, USB, FireWire, SD/MMC/CF cards, SCSI drives.
  • Network file transfer (unsecured, secured)
  • E-mails (SMTP, POP, IMAP, Microsoft Outlook/MAPI protocols)
  • SSL/HTTPS (all browsers & applications with standard certificate management)
  • Copy/Paste, Clipboard, Drag & Drop
  • Virtual, local & network printers
  • Bluetooth, IR/COM/Parallel ports
  • CD/DVD/BluRay readers & recorders
  • Control of Application File Access

Reporting and Activity Blocking:

  • All file operations
  • Long-term trends, short-term fluctuations in activity
  • Websites (all browsers supported including HTTPS traffic) - active and inactive time
  • Emails & webmail (virtually any provider)
  • Searched keywords (majority of engines supported, Windows Search supported)
  • Instant messaging (application independent - all protocols)
  • Application usage with both active and inactive time
  • Virtual, local & network printers
  • Screen activity (intelligent capturing)
  • Keylogging
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