Cloud Email Security (AntiSpam or Relay)

64 Network Security cloud email Security is a service offered through our Cloud which gives efficient email spam and virus filtering for you existing Email system i.e. 99.4% spam filtering and 100% protection against Known Viruses.

Cisco Ironport, Fortinet & MacAfee are main components used for spam & virus filtering

Cisco Iron port AntiSpam technology used along with other commercial solutions to give high level of accuracy and redundancy. Being a spam filtering provider 64 Network Security also guarantees real time protection against inbound as well as outbound security threats. We are unique in our email spam and virus filtering solutions. Unlike other spam virus filtering service providers we are committed to provide 99.9% uptime round the clock support to its customers. This cloud based spam filtering service also offers spam detection rate which is above 99%.

How it Works

  • This service can be rendered in minutes by just pointing your Mail Domain MX records to     our servers. When you sign up for the 64 Network Security Cloud mail Security.
  • We email you the changes you need to make to the DNS "MX" records for your domain.
  • Some hosting service providers let you change your domain's DNS settings through a    control panel. And others would require you submit the requested changes to their    technical support department.
  • Changing MX records is a trivial operation for a Hosting company. Within an hour's time of    implementing these DNS changes, the Secure Relay service will be in place.


Service Level Commitments

Uptime Guarantee: 64 Network Security guarantees uptime of 99.9 % calculated on quarterly (90 day) basis on all services mentioned above.

Spam Catch Rate: Above 99.4 % Spam catch rate

Virus Detention: 100 % known virus detection & Detention.

Mail Queuing Period: Up to 72 Hrs of Mail queuing in case of recipient server outage.

Bi - Directional Mail Scanning: We Scan both Inbound (To customer server) and Outbound (To the internet) mail traffic.

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