Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus is an application which will protect desktops and servers from harmful programs which are meant to interrupt the operating system and its services and disturb user's activity. These will prevent programs that help the unauthorized users to give complete control of the device with some malicious scripts. Antivirus will block spying programs which will send confidential information out of the device.

64 Network Security provides industry leading Antivirus solutions. We provide both SaaS and on-premises endpoint management services. This protection may be delivered through software, a hosted security service or an appliance.

Three Delivery Methods

  • Software : Software Security provides Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Application Firewall & Web Filtering Software for Clients, File Servers, MS Exchange Servers, and Gateway protection directly on your desktop, laptop or server.
  • Hosted : Hosted protection that does not impact the infrastructure, takes less time required for setup, Hosted Security Services allow customers to deploy security services through a trusted offsite data centre rather than deploying the service internally.
  • Appliance for content and Website scanning: Appliance-based gateway security and content filtering with anti-virus, antispyware, intrusion prevention protects internal and external network threats.


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